Antique Glass "Obi-Dome" R854

Detail Antique Glass "Obi-Dome" Item KIMONO ARTICLE Width 2.7 cm
1.1 inch (approximate) Item No R854 Length 2 cm
0.8 inch (approximate) Material Glass Size of String hole Depth: 0.2 cm 0.1 inch (approximate) W: 0.9 cm 0.4 inch (approximate) Condition Considering its age, it's in Good Condition.
There is a chip.
(Refer to the pictures, please.) Comment "Akahada-yaki" is prodeced around "Nara" prefecture, middle part of Japan and famous for the "Toudaiji" temple and "Daibutsu"(Large Buddha Statue).
" Obi-Dome " is an ornament attached to " Obi-Jime ". Besides, " Obi-Jime " with " Obi-Dome " is also called " Obi-Dome ". It is very popular even in Japan. Pictures
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