Antique Gold Bracelet, dated 1907 in the original box

I have a very old unique piece. The inside of the band is marked "The American Queen" and "Pat. Nov 5, 1907" and also "Pitman & Keeler". I also have the original red velvet and gold foiled box, which is beautiful itself, and reads "Lady Camille by BIGNEY" The bracelet has never been engraved and t is a space on the front for engraving. It is quite ornate and in excellent condition for it's age, and has a stretch band similar to a modern looks as though this bracelet was barely, if ever worn, and is in superb condition for it's age. A rare treasure right ..don't miss it!

About the maker: *S.O. Bigney & Company- Attleboro, Massachusetts. Advertised as early as 1903. Manufacturers of gold-filled chains, lockets, charms, cigarette cases, photocases, knives, 10K gold brooches, bar pins, neck chains and Waldemars. In one of their advertisements for gold-filled chains they claimed that "They equal solid gold in style and finish." Continued to be listed until 1943. Their line lines also included Bigney, Camille, Lady Camille, Lady Silvia, S.O.B., and Mirror Finish. *American Jewelry Manufacturers by Dorothy T. Rainwater.

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