ANTIQUE GOLD CUFF,14K w/Pearls, Enamel & Etruscan Dtls

ANTIQUE , SOLID GOLD , 14K , CUFF Bracelet. This Antique bracelet/cuff was bought about ten years ago in Florence, Italy from the VOLTERRA GALLERIES in Florence, Italy. The piece is from the Victorian era and the details on the bracelet are typical of this time period. T are some beautiful and intricate details that make this a very special piece. T are 5 white pearls which are set in gold 1/2 balls and they are encircled with a blue enamel star design motif. Throughout the entire gold cuff t is an Etruscan bead-work motif, which gives this piece added dimension. The back of the bracelet is plain gold, with no design at all. The back of the bracelet looks as if it has had some work done to it, probably to remove dings and dents throughout the years, since this is such an old bracelet. This is a hinged bracelet with a very secure clasp. All of the pearls are very secure in their settings. The enamel looks great, especially for such an old piece, except in one small area, around only one of the pearl settings. This could be repaired if the buyer felt it was absolutely necessary, but, I don't think it would be necessary. I am just giving "full disclosure". The enamel looks great and to the eye, no one would notice this one small area of wear. The width of the bracelet is 3/4" wide and will fit a wrist that takes a 7-1/2" bracelet.

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