Antique Gold F. Carmen Sweetheart Bracelet Original Box

Carmen Sweetheart Bracelet

Victorian Era Gold Filled in Original Box

The bracelet is marked American Queen with Pitman & Keeler inside the band

The bracelet is adjustable, and stretches just like a watch band, so it will fit most wrists.

It has a beautiful heart with floral motifs!

It has not been engraved or monogrammed, which is rare since many

of these bracelets were given as special gifts to loved ones!

The box indicates it was produced May 20, 1890 and later

patented February 5, 1901 (right before Valentines Day no less!!!).

I would be surprised if this bracelet was ever worn, but o ver the last 100 years, the red velvet and gold box

has held up pretty well, but it is not in great condition. The "gold" on the outside and edges has worn in many places.

In case you are curious about the history of this bracelet, it was bought at an estate auction from an elderly lady's home.

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