ANTIQUE GOLD Standard Computing Barrel Scale DETROIT,MI

This is a very interesting old scale that has patent dates on it from 1909 to 1911.

It is a large, (heavy), scale that measures 32" high and weighs about 64 pounds.

EVERYTHING is still in GOOD WORKING CONDITION . All the paint appears to be ORIGINAL and nothing is repainted so common with finding these scales. The original gold paint matches the header piece with all the markings on top. It reads, " THE STANDARD COMPUTING SCALE COMPANY, DETROIT, MICHIGAN "

T are three different displays that will read the weight. One on the bottom, another in the oval glass read out across the front, and a third on the back of the scale.

I am not sure what this was used for, possible barrels of some type. T is a calibration label on the back which reads WASHINGTON COUNTY, PENNA , a clue to w this scale originated.

The top header is not attached to the scale itself. It is a separate piece, but all you will need are two sheet metal screws to attach it.

This item is HEAVY. You are welcome to pick it up at our location 10 minutes from Hartford, CT if you prefer. Otherwise, I will package this item up with styrofoam blocks and ship FED EX Ground.

Let me know if you still have questions. Please use the shipping calculator for shipping charges. THANKS FOR VIEWING and I usually ship the day after
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