Antique Goldscheider Art Deco Virgin Mary Bust AUSTRIA

This auction is for one of over 100 pieces from my Goldscheider porcelain collection I will be listing on Ebay over the next several months. Most are Goldscheider Madonnas or Oriental pieces and are all extraordinarily breathtaking one of a kind pieces which have been in my collection for over 50 years.

This specific auction is for a gorgeous Goldscheider Art Deco porcelain Madonna bust made in AUSTRIA. I have never seen one like her before or since. She measures approximately 12.0" high by 7.0" across by 4.25" at her widest points. Her colors are truly vibrant, her gown is a deep rose, her shawl is a deep midnight blue, her crown is gold and her beautifully curled cascading hair is brown. She is stamped on the bottom, "Goldscheider Wren. Made in Austria" and "Hand Painted", "B.W.", initialed and has the Austrian Goldscheider logo. She is numbered (stamped into the porcelain "66" or "99" and "8132"). She is absolutely regal!

She is in beautiful condition for her age, other than some minor crazing and one minute chip on her right index finger (please see photo). She was that way when I purchased her almost 50 years ago, however, for some buyers it may bother them and that is my reason for being overly detailed.

If you are looking for a 100% perfect piece, this may not be the one for you. However, if you are
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