Antique Graphic Wood Cast Iron Clothes Dryer Rack Rare

is a rare, antique, advertising wood and cast iron wall mount clothes dryer. My parents had in hanging in their home for many years. They have decided to downsize to a smaller home and this is one of the items they have decided to let someone else enjoy.

You will not find another clothes dryer that is in the condition of this dryer. It is in fantastic shape. It has dryer arms that are 22" long that slide up against the 22-1/2" long wall backplate when not in use. All 10 arms function perfectly and are in great shape: no split wood, no cracks, and no chips.

As you can see from the photos, the graphics are bright and rich looking. The dryer works perfectly.

The graphic wall mount pictures a horse shoe and reads:
Horse-Shoe Brand
Clothes Wringers
Every One Warranted
Trade Mark
A. W. Co.
Made By The American Wringer Co.
99 Chambers St.
New York U.S.A.

Please note that the one photo of the back of the rack shows that t is what appears to be a streak of tan paint on the rack and one of the arms. I did not attempt to rub/remove the paint since I did not want to affect the patina on the wood.

Please e-mail with any questions.