Antique Guilloche Enamel/Silver Pomander/Locket

Small antique guilloche enamel pomander or perfume locket. In Medieval times people carried pomanders filled with perfume and spices to ward off infection and bad smells. This small pomander is made to be worn on a chain around the neck. It is beautifully made of silver and guilloche enamel painted with leaves and roses. Guilloche is a term used to describe the pattern made by engine turning to engrave metal. It is most often found on fine antique watches and lockets. This small pomander measures about 1/2 inch high and a little less in diameter. It unscrews to reveal a compartment in which perfume-soaked cotton batting is meant to be stored. The batting is still in place in the compartment. The condition is good consistent with the age of the pomander but t are two very small areas w the enamel has worn off (near the silver rim in the center). I don't believe this is noticeable enough to affect the wearability of the piece. I was given to understand that the pomander dates at least to the 1920s, possibly earlier. It's a pretty and unusual piece. Postage will be minimal since it can be mailed in an envelope. Thanks for looking!