Antique B.H.& G LTD. English Leather Powder Bucket

We are pleased to offer another great piece of history. According to my research I discovered that this is an English or British ammunition / powder bucket. I do no tknow the exact age of this piece.

This bucket has the name B.H. & G. Ltd. stamped on the bottom as well as a number nine under this but I cannot read what else is after the nine. Above it also has No 56 and VI stamped into it.

This bucket has a variation of a Royal Coat of Arms on the front with a letter N stamped underneath it. The emblem has some light loss to the paint. There is an area above the emblem that most likely was wher ethe cover was attached.

It stands approximately 15.75" high. It has an approximate diameter of 6.75"

The bucket is constructed from leather and has a single seam down the back. The inside liner is made from canvas and has age appropriate signs of wear. There are some scratches to the surface and loose threads in one area as well. The underside of this has a circle that was glued on. This section appears has some areas where the glue has started to come loose.

The leather has creases, cracks, scuffs, losses and stains.

The handle has age appropriate creases, cracks and losses to the leather. It measures approximately 1.75" at the mounting point and tapers in the center, where it is
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