Antique hand painted signed porcelin vase

This piece is one of the most beautiful painted vases i have ever seen. It is from an estate sales and is signed and numbered. It pictures serveral Geisha playing music in a garden along with bright flowers and mountains.It is extremely colorful with many different patterns mixed in with scenes. The top has textured gold dots or gold painted beading. The shipping charges include insurance.Bottom is marked made in china , serveral #'s, Guxiang YiYi and a painted square with what looks like 11 and then 3 dots. Very interesting pc. 5" high and 16" around. After several days of research I found the exact markings from a website that dates porcelin marks made in cHINA.. LOOKS LIKE THIS WAS MADE BETWEEN 1966 - 1976 ... and has a sign of artist whom I dont know.