Antique Handblown Glass Jar Wasp / Fly Trap/Minnow Trap

Old Wasp / Fly Catcher:

This jar is really super in that it is very old and never used, I have several cases of these that we found in an old warehouse in Europe, these were made in Spain, and I will be auctioning them off by the piece, a truly vintage and functional piece, to use this you add a little sugar water or Humming Bird Nectar and hang. The wasps go in through the hole and in the bottom and can't get out, well most of the time, but hey this is a unique and fun old piece. Fly traps were traditionally used in the Mediterranean, to control the fruit flys in the olive orchards. In Amsterdam they use these to catch wasps big sport sitting at the cafes catching them LOL.

I have had some people tell me they also use these for minnow traps, I think they were better as fly traps though. The size on these is approx. 6 by 6 inches they may vary a skosh as they are all hand blown.

These are old, hand blown and they have been shipped around the world so t may be some minor knicks, chips or what we call flea bites but they will be solid and not cracked and will hold fluid. This may also come a little dirty and dusty these are very old. I have just opened another crate of these and some of them will be embossed with just a circle but some may writing on them also.

This is a Dutch Auction you have the
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