EXTRAORDINARY, ORIGINAL 19TH CENTURY MANUSCRIPT JOURNAL OF PHARMACEUTICAL FORMULAS. Early volume dates from 1890s and was owned by "John H. Manss" whose name is embossed on front cover (handwritten date of 1892 appears in front of book and printed calendar for the year 1899 appears in back). Handwritten volume is devoted exclusively to medicinal formulas and preparations, and includes a separate foldout sheet of barks and roots painstakingly compiled by author. (Scroll down for more pictures.)
Fascinating volume is loaded with manuscript formulas, ingredients, definitions, interactions, and indications covering innumerable preparations including pills, plants and herbs, extracts, ointments, creams, salves, tinctures, etc. Author often includes various observations and insights regarding the efficacy and/or process of preparation ("not so great", "mixed with volatile and mixed oils very carefully", "are antidotes to all acids", "best solvent for salts", "antidotes to all corrosive poisons", "produces numbness", "it first must be frozen", "must be shaken up with the liquid when dispensed", "difficult to remove", "rub with magnesia only", "made by oxidizing blood", "only eff[ective] prep[aration] made by circulatory solution", "an antidote to snake bites", "nerve root equals valerian root", "morphine when cut with a spatula will
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