Antique Hanging Scroll : "SANSUI / Landscape" @r650

Antique Hanging Scroll : "SANSUI / Landscape" @r650 This painter's name is "KANO YOSHINOBU". He is a very famous Japanese painter.
But it is not judged whether it is a original or not.

SAL (Surface Air Lifted)

EMS (Express Mail Service)

North America
Central America
Middle East

North America,
Central America,
Middle East,


US $7.80

US $18.00

US $22.00

This is a method in which parcels, printed matter and small packets are air-transported to the country of destination by using open space on airplanes. Less expensive than airmail and faster than surface mail.
Necessary days : 2 - 4 weeks. But in some cases, it can take nearly 2 months.
Parcels that exceed 2 kg in weight can't be shipped. Also t is the maximum size limit.
For the registered mail, additional cost US $4.00 is required. RECOMMEND!!
This is the best and fastest mail service. A tracking and tracing system, providing prompt information on delivery. We notice a tracking number after shipping.
Necessary days : 3 - 5 days.
If EMS mail is damaged or partly missing during delivery, the actual loss is paid.
Shipping cost includes insurance.

Shipping rates, Countries
Shipping cost depends on the total weight of the parcel.

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