This little lot for auction consists of an old pair of scissors marked "SWAN WORKS", and "GERMANY". They have some lovely details to their design! They show their age and wear.

A ladies hair comb, I think it is "BAKELITE" but I'm not sure (it could be tortoise shell), and little green stones across the top. VERY dainty and pretty!

Four VERY, VERY OLD hat pins, one with an open filigree design top, and another green stone centerpiece. It is gold in color (and probably IS GOLD as it is very soft and easily bent) and has either "O.T" or "U.T" stamped in the stem. Oh, if this pin could only talk!

And two that have "pearl like" tips. One has a tip that is white in color, the other is a champagne color on the tip. They both show age.

And the fourth is so long, that I'm not sure WHAT KIND OF PIN IT iS! But it looks VERY Victorian indeed. It is 6 inches long and has a metal sculpted tip. It is very beautiful and definitely Victorian!

These six items previously mentioned items came out of a one hundred year old house that was being torn down in the early nineties.

Then t are the collection of plastic (I do believe) CAMEOS. Although, they do make a "breakable" sort of noise when they touch each other in the box! They range in sizes from 1/2 an inch to 1-1/4 inches in heigth. They too came
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