Antique New Haven Mantle Clock w/Convex Glass Tambour

This listing is for an antique New Haven Tambour No 90 mantle clock, with convex glass door. It measures 19.5"x4.25"x9.5", and comes with the key and pendulum. Part of the sticker on the bottom is missing, but the part that is left reads: Tambour No. 90 manufactured By The New haven Clock Co, New Haven Conn. The wood case has a few tiny nicks, and the brass ring around the face needs polishing. We wound this up, and ran it for several days, and it keep good time. The only problem is the chime. We're not sure if the spring for the chime is broken or what, but when we wound it, it didn't work. There are no cracks or chips in the glass, and there is no rust or paint wear on the metal face. Shipping is based on 12 pounds, packed weight.