Antique Hazel Atlas Cloverleaf Pink 4" Dessert/Berry Bowl FREE S&H

This bowl measures 4" wide and is 1 1/2" high.

They are all in excellent condition with no chips, cracks, or flea bites.We pride ourselves on the quality of the antiques that we sell. We will never sell anything that is damaged without clear information being listed and showing it in photos.

The Hazel Atlas Glass company was formed in 1902 out of a merger between the Atlas Company (circa 1880's) and the Hazel Company. This union started a long history which would later produce the largest glass company in the world.

Unlike many of the dozens of Glass manufacturers of the era, Hazel Atlas excelled in that not only did they produce functional and utilitarian glass, but they were the fore-runner of the household glass production which was an indispensable industry during the formative years of the Great Depression.

While many glass houses closed or changed production away from everyday utilitarian glass, Hazel Atlas continued to make great strides in manufacturing the Glass our mother's and grandmothers would use everyday in cooking, baking serving and storing food.

At first, after this 1902 merger, Hazel Atlas continued their production of fruit jars and commercial food storage containers, as they had for many years prior. Fierce competition
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