I f ind the Ebay estimator to almost always be incorrect. I have had lots of problems with the Ebay shipping estimator. PLEASE wait until I can invoice you after the auction has closed and I am able to package and weigh the item accurately. I will ship the cheapest and the best method. I will only charge you the exact shipping cost, but I can't figure that until after the auction closes. In real life I'm an in-home counselor for sexually abused girls (thus mentalmike). I know about counseling. Ebay is my therapy. The money I make is spent on the girls for things the system deems un-necessary. I know little about most things I sell. My descriptions are always to the best of my knowledge about the item up for auction. I may not always know much about the item described. If you need to know something specific such as condition or if something is missing, please e-mail me before you win the auction. I appreciate all accurate input as to the true nature and origin of the item listed. I will revise my listing or "END" the auction and relist to ensure accurate information. ANTIQUE HEAVY CUT CRYSTAL ENGRAVED WHISKEY DECANTER 9.5" (B)
We do our very best to provide detailed photos and accurately describe to the best of our ability the Vintage items we often feature. Vintage pieces are not perfect and sometimes does show imperfections
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