Antique HEWING HATCHET - Broad Ax Axe


This is a hewing hatchet. As you can see, the bevel is on only one side of the blade (like a chisel). Very often these old hewing hatchets are ruined by someone grinding on both sides. This one measures 17 1/2" overall, the blade is 5 inches wide and it is 6 1/2" from the edge of the blade to the edge of the poll head. This hatchet is fitted to a straight handle. You will notice that the cheeks of the hatchet are symmetrical so actually the head can be flipped 180 degrees and used either as a right-hand or left-hand hatchet. If this were an axe it is set up for hewing to your left, however, with hatchets, since you are dealing with small timber, you place the work next to you, to the right and hew the side away from you to the it's really set up for right-hand use.

I have looked ALL OVER for a maker's mark and can't find one. T is a stamped number "3" which is probably the weight. The back side (flat side) is rather heavily pitted. The bevel side is not as bad. This one would take a lot of work to return it to use. Most likely you would have to grind the entire flat surface down below the depth of the micro-pitting along the edge. It's a good "wall-hanger" especially if your idea of home decor is a wall full of hatchets!

I am offering this old hewing hatchet with no reserve and
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