Antique Historical American Flag, White Plains, NY, 1898 Spanish-American War.

This is the flag that flew over the White Plains, New York Courthouse during the Spanish American War, in 1898. It is a large 5x7 ft., 45 star flag, in good--not perfect--condition. It shows repairs in a few spots, and a few tiny moth holes--see photos. That said, it is a wonderful piece of history. This came from the estate of a flag collector, whose collection dated between 1890 to 1950, nothing after. See the note written on the margin in photo # 2. This is the collectors note. The collector had many historical flags, all in good condition. This is the most significant one. If you are a flag collector, or the curator of a museum of Americana, please consider this rare piece. Vintage American flags are available, but without provenance they are just another flag. This flag has historical significance and provenance, and would be a wonderful addition to a collection, be it for a museum or a private home.