Antique Hohner 1904 steel reed squeeze box accordeon.

Wonderful 1904 Hohner steel reed sueeze box accordeon. Remarkably in very good condition. Markings include: Genuine Steel Reeds, Gold Metal 1904 Highest Award, M Hohner Accordeon, Stahlstimmen Steel Reeds. Beautiful tin Lithograph portraits of M. Hohner Best Accordeon Best Made, Made in Germany. The key bottons look like mother of pearl. All bottons and valve works in both directions One of the three pull knobs on top pulls to change tone, the other two seems to be stuck. One place on bellows looks as if someone glued some loose paper back on the bellows. A very small spot about 1/2 inch long. To be so old in remarkably good shape. I'm not sure if it was sold as a childs accordian. It measures collasped aprox. 12 inches wide by 12 inches high and seven inches deep. I have a later Honer that is quite a bit larger. The detail and workmanship hints that maybe it was just a small squeeze box sold for light weight use and used a lot by street musicans. It was purchased at a fine estate sale filled with beautiful antiques and was diplayed on the living room fireplace mantel. I will not shipp international, so, no international bidders please only USA. Ask as many questions as you like. I love old mechanical music devices. I think this might be a find for any collector or antique buyer. I do not accept Paypal only Postal Money orders.