Rare Antique Holy Bible late 1800s Rev.Robert Jamieson


"The Holy Bible, with a Devotional & Practical Commentary"

Rev. Robert Jamieson, DD (1802-1880)

Minister of St. Paul's Parish, Glasgow (Scotland)

This Holy Bible is a stunningly beautiful edition - a family heirloom in the making - a rare volume to display for all to see and admire (preferably in a plexiglass case, though!). The front and back covers are deeply-carved leather - richly worn with age, and the metal hinged clasps hold this Bible together well. The rear cover is detached - but whole - so it appears to be bound, and there are no obvious missing pieces which might detract from the loveliness of this book. It does, however, need to be handled gently - as with any 120-year-old-plus book. Both covers are decorated with gilt, with gilded Fleurs-de-Lis corner pieces, and gilded pages which the photos show have faded with time. The interior illustrations are of steel engravings - and protected by bound tissue paper, and the "Records" pages remain blank and unused.

The photos shown here highlight the unique features of this family Bible, which, at a substantial 4" thick, weighs in at just over 14 lbs., measuring approximately 14 1/2" in length x 11" wide. Although the year of publication is not actually printed on the title pages, it was published
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