Very Old Antique Hopf Violin Luthier & Tourte Bow Read

Up for auction is a very old Hopf Violin with a straight Tourte Bow. Obviously they need some cleaning and work. Use the Enlarge photo for a close up view. I showed this to a couple of violin players and they guess by looking at the peg holes, that the mechanical string pegs were added later, much later and that it appears the original tapered holes were used to insert the mechanical ones. I'm guessing this may be an early to mid 1800's violin. Look at all the layers of wax or finishes and build up, many many years worth. This would be an excellent luthier project to bring back to life, look at the grain on the wood, it is beautiful. I think this may be an original authentic Hopf. The peg that holds the string thing on the bottom end of the violin is broke and will need to be replaced. I have a couple more pics if you'd like to see them, please send me your email address. The bow is a very nice and straight early Tourte, it is missing one round inlay and something at the end where you hold it by the silver and black, unless it needs to be pushed in ?I know nothing of these instruments, please feel to ask any questions. I think the bow itself is worth $500 according to my research. I will put a Bu it Now up, once the low reserve is met, that option is gone.