Antique Horse or Mule Drawn Cotton Seeder/Planter Tractor. Maybe 1920's

Antique Cotton Seeder/Planter Tractor
Made to be Operated with Horse or Mule
Gantt Mfg Co Printed on Side See Pics! It's Beautiful!
I bought this from an estate auction here in North Georgia. It's a beautiful piece with a little Macon, GA background. You can very clearly read "Gantt Mfg Co Cotton Seeder Macon, GA" on the side. The heavy steel wheel drives the seed mechanism inside the tractor. It's probably from the 1920's or older based on the design, I really don't know, but it's still in very good condition for it's age. I've seen corn planters like this one as well. There is a "hitch" if you can call it that, on the front that is made to attach to a horse or mule to pull through the field and plant cotton.