Antique Hotel Georgia Room Key Vancouver BC Canada NR

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Antique Hotel Georgia Room Key Vancouver BC Canada NR

INTRODUCTION: I recently bought a large number of decorative, personal, and household things from a Seattle estate. Most of her things were purchased when the lady set up housekeeping in 1949, but some were older family things, and some were gifts received in recent years. She took unusually good care of her belongings, and most are in exceptional condition.

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DESCRIPTION: This is a long, heavy antique room key with a brown leather tag attached. It is for a room at the Hotel Georgia in Vancouver BC. This grand hotel opened 5/7/27, and I believe this key is from early in its history.

This key is steel. It is marked Belleville.

The writing on the front of the tag says:


Bid your maximum now to assure that you don't lose this item to a sniper in the last seconds of the auction.

SIZE: The key is 3 1/8" long. The tag is 2" in diameter.

CONDITION: This item is in very good condition - no cracks, chips, discoloration, or other problems.

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