Antique Ice Box Bar Hardware Catalog 1911 LARGE!

1911 catalog from The Dent Hardware Co. of Fullerton, Penn. 12" by 11 1/4", 358 pages, fully illustrated with the illustrations being to full scale, no covers this one bound by small nickel plated bolts (would ease copying as it is so easy to disassemble without damage). Ice box and bar/tavern hardware and equipment, includes ice box hinges, handles, locks, name plates, lid lifts, and more. Also are bar hardware/supplies, including cup holders, shelf brackets, arm and foot rail brackets, coat/hat hooks, door and drawer pulls, door stops and holders, humidor trimmings, cigar/match box holders, ash trays and much more. Outside pages slight discoloration and light wave/wrinkle, inside this one is super clean and damage free. Superb condition.