Antique ~ Imperial Italian Brass Porcelain Mantle Clock

~ Antique ~
Imperial Italian Brass Porcelain Mantle Clock


I know very little about this piece but I will do my best to accurately describe it.

This is a heavy clock, weighing more then 30 pounds. It stands about 24½" tall, 14" wide and 8" deep. I believe it is made out of brass and porcelain or slate of some sort. I think its from about the 1920's, but I'm not positive. The mantle clock itself is Made in Italy by Imperial and the movement is made in Germany by Franz Hermle. The movement and chimes work PERFECTLY and it has a double chime for 2 different tones as it marks the hours and half hours. I do not have a key for this clock but they are easily attained online or any watch repair store.

I see no damage anyw on this peice!

It is a unique piece that has 2 Satyr or fawn children on each side that appear to be in bronze (In Greek legends the Satyr is a man with the legs and tail of a goat, they are said to like music which they would play from their pipes as they danced in the woodland glens.), they are holding a gold (brass?) rope and wreath. On the top t is the bust of 4 roosters, one on each corner.

Appears to be in mint condition.
Clock pictured.
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