Antique Indian green glass and gold brooch - a high quality piece

A beautiful Indian brooch made of green glass and gold. The back is stamped 9CT but the information below, which I've taken from the net, suggests the gold in the scene itself - a huntsman on horseback is attacked by a lion - maybe of higher quality.
Thewa Thewa is a technique that involves the fusion of sheet gold with glass. A miniature scene is drawn on a thin sheet of 24-carat gold, which is then pierced with tiny chisels to create a filigree. The filigree is then placed on glass and heated in a crucible. The heat binds the gold and glass together.
I don't usually sell jewellery but I'd say this was in very good condition and well over 100 years old. Another site I looked at referred to patakhbar - that may be helpful if you wish to research this further.