Antique Indian Rug-Arizona Navajo - Zero-Wear Condition

My parents bought this Chinle Navajo rug at the Navajo Indian Reservation on Chinlee Creek during a trip out west when I was a child in 1956 and it's been hanging on their wall ever since. Chinle is the Navajo name for a place where..."water emerges from a canyon's mouth" and it derives from the fact that this location is at the mouth of Canyon de Chelly. It is also near Chinle Wash (aka Rio de Chelly and Nazline Wash). Spanish war and trade extended to this location from New Mexico in the early 19th century. Troubles with Navajo Indians who robbed New Mexicans of sheep and other possessions culminated in a peace conference between Navajo Indians and Col. Kit Carson on the knoll near the present monument headquarters in 1864. It marked the official end of Navajo warfare with the whites. The first trading post at Chinle was begun in a tent in 1882, followed by a small trading camp under new proprietors, constructed in 1885. Missionaries arrived in 1904 and a small government school was opened in 1910. It is today an extensive establishment. P.O. Est Chin Le March 2, 1903, Charles L. Day PM. name changed to Chinle, March 13, 1941.
This rug was never used on the floor, so there basically isn't any wear or staining anywhere. Measures 41" x 39 1/2". The photos are of different sides.