Antique IRICE Perfume Bottle




This is a small glass perfume bottle by Irice , in a clear glass 'X & 'O' pattern. An importer of various vanity items in the 1920's, in New York, the head of the company was named Irving W. Rice and he gave an abbreievation of his name to the company.

The screw-on-lid is brass with a floral design and t is a stamping on the side that says " Czechoslovakia ". In the center of the top of this bottle t is an amber faceted stone. Hanging by chains from the top of the bottle are two amber colored faceted glass charms. The top unscrews to reveal a glass dauber attached underneath, which appears to be blown glass.

It measures 2 3/4" tall ( to the top of the faceted stone ) by 7/8" across the base ( measuring the widest part ).

International Perfume Bottle Association:

Time line .......... can be determined by the country cited under the name " Irice ." So it goes: Czech , American, West Germany, Japan, and finally Taiwan. Most heavily collected and sought today are the Irice series called Little Drams or sometimes Stubby series.

These were tiny perfume bottles made in Czechoslovakia with charms or dangles hanging from chains from the top of the stopper .

To date very little has appeared in print
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