Antique Iron Lightning Rod Weather Vane Spires Hardware

These are the 3 wrought iron finials that adorned the Wellsville,Ohio School which was built in 1854.It was demolished back in the 1950's and these were salvaged by a friend of mine and are up for your consideration.They have seen many things as the overlooked the mighty Ohio river and all the steam boats and railroad era action that was in the town in the 1800s-1900s.If they could only talk!!They are very heavy.I would guess the larger one which is 13 feet tall weighs around 200-300 Lbs..The other 2 are 93 inches tall and weigh roughly 100 Lbs.I am just guessing on the weights.please note the condition as seen in photos (very weatd).T are some minor imperfections as seen but for exposed finials they are very nice for age.We will not ship these,you must pick them up in Lisbon, Ohio or arrange for a shipper to come and get them.