Antique Italian Cut Velvet Wedding Blanket

De-stashing !
I came across this Italian Cut Velvet Wedding Blanket/Bedspread/Coverlet (Circa 1930s-40s) several years ago at a second hand store. At the time, I thought it was absolutely beautiful and I knew it was a once-in-a-lifetime. It is woven similar to a tapestry. I still love this piece, it just doesn't fit with my decor so I am offering it to a lucky bidder here on E-bay. It's a piece of history and craftsmanship and truly deserves to go to a home where it can be enjoyed rather than sit in a closet. It is in pretty good shape as far as I can see and from what little I know about these blankets. There are a few pulled threads here and there around the edge but, other than that, there's no holes or rips.
It features cupids & roses in a floral design in vibrant and stunning pink, orange, green and golds. My camera does not do this piece justice. It simply cannot capture the depth of the color in this spread. The nap of the velvet makes the light play tricks on the lens of my camera. I did not try to fluff or lift the nap in any way.
This beautiful spread measures larger than many.
It measures 84" from the head of the bed to the foot of the bed. It measures 101" from side-to-side.

This can be used as a beautiful wall hanging, draped on a sofa or chair, or even as a rug (though I wouldn't recommend

I accept PayPal and appreciate payment within 48 hrs of auction end.

I will ship this item via US Postal Service Priority Mail. This item is heavy for a blanket and will likely have to go in a larger box than the largest flat-rate box available (which is considered a "board game" box).

Thank you for looking and happy E-baying!

****Hi: Another seller asked about odor so, I took this blanket to work with me today to have my co-workers give it the smell test. Most said it didn't have a smell. One said it has a hint of smell like a closet (it has been in mine). I have never used this blanket. It definitely doesn't have any foul odors from pets or humans and no smoking in our home. I am sure having it unfolded and out in the open would help air it out. There are no holes, rips or stains on the blanket. On the back, there is a line that may be called a snag ( see photo), but I'm not so convinced it didn't happen when it was made??? It is a large, heavy and ornate textile. I can see where there may be imperfections. The trim around the edge has pink and green threads--there are a few "thread pulls" here and there ( see photo). They do look to me like they are something that would be easily adjusted, but, I have not attempted it. I did find one small spot (less than a half inch) on the trim edge (see photo) where it it looks like the binding edge thread has separated. However, the edge is not unraveling, per se. If the blanket is going to be used everyday, I would suggest mending that small area to prevent it from tearing. A guest bedroom or wall hanging, you're fine. Honestly, given the age of this item, I really do think it has been treated well and is in good shape--at least from I can see and what little I know about the item.

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