#0570 These old Olive Crock Jugs are nearly IMPOSSIBLE to find anymore. ESPECIALLY the authentic OLD ones like this. We came upon a source for them several months ago and we just CANNOT seem to keep them in stock. NO TWO are alike! Each possesses oddities unique to itself. They are hands down one of the most collectible items in the Interior Design market right now. We bought out his ENTIRE REMAINING inventory to stock our store. You can see the others lised in the antiques & primitives category of our ebay store.

This Italian Olive Jug is OLD. AND it's EXTREMELY Thick & EXTREMELY HEAVY. Our dealer thought it was rather plain looking & so he waxed it & applied a beautiful green color to the top. JUST GORGEOUS. The entire piece is PERFECTLY Intact with NO Cracks. It's in Wonderful condition with only the bumps & pits to be expected. Measures TWENTY FOUR & 1/2 INCHES Tall!! & 14 " wide, FORTY NINE INCHES around the belly! Opening at the top is 5 3/4" wide (clearance that's 8" wide straight across the top). We've included several High Resolution Pictures for your inspection. BEAUTIFUL HAND THROWN FORM! We've seen these literally go for HUNDREDS of dollars at auction.

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