years ago i collected some marvelous authentic ivory pieces and this is one of my best and ive had this in my collection for years and am now offering it-it is a masterpiece of remarkable detail and it is guarenteed to be a 100% genuine and authentic highest quality rare wooly mamouth ivory carving of true antiquity-this hand carved dragon is of exquisite early artisan master craftsmanship with exceptional form and etraordinary detail-this is one of if not the best ivory carvings ive ever seen and would be nearly impossible to find better-this gem is of a more diminutive size but very mighty and measures 3'' long and sits on its custom made exotic hardwood base which measures 4 1/2'' long with the entire piece measuring 2 1/2'' high-its condition is perfect and is without any damage or repairs at all-the carving is signed on the bottom from the original artisan and the authentic ivory graining can be seen very clearly-it truely is a stunning piece of artistic antiquity and also extremely rare to come by a remarkable piece of this high quality-t is many poor reproductions of such items found on the market however that is definately not the case and you can bid with the highest of confidence-you definately will not be disappointed-i will start its auction well below what i paid for it years ago and it will have no reserve on it-due ... read more