For your bidding Consideration is this pair of Rare Antique Elephant Tusks. First of all I would like to mention these are from 1889 They are Antique Family Heirlooms, the Gentleman whom im selling these for His Great Grandfather Marcel Latronce was part of the French Citizenry who colonized Indochina (Vietnam) in the year 1889. He was an engineer who was in charge of dedicating roads to be built, in fact elephants were used for the heavy work since bulldozers were not present at the time. He was a "Big Game Hunter" which is how these tusks came about to his family. While this way of life is out of vouge, I want to be very clear on this next point....personally both the gentleman im selling these for and myself do NOT in any way believe in the Hunting or Harming of animals of any kind. By placing these on the market to us in NO way makes the illegal trade in Ivory acceptable. Since these were a Family Heirloom and have been handed down to him, He has NO sense of wanting to display them, in fact he has kept them boxed away in a closet since the day t were given to him. His hope is that someone can "respectfully appreciate" this beautiful natural matched pair and properly do with them what the law allows regarding Ivory. This auction is limited to the United States ONLY.

The Condition is as follows: Both tusks were "Taken"
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