Antique Jacobs Oregon City Woolen Mills Blanket Red

Antique (1920's-1930's) Jacobs Oregon City Woolen Mills Blanket

Red Tartan Plaid Pure Virgin Wool!

I bought this wonderful, old Jacobs Oregon City Woolen Mills Blanket during the heat of the summer at a local yard sale. This seems to be the ideal time to list it since the wonderful red tartan plaid is perfect for the holidays! It is being sold "as is" since it does have some moth holes. The label indicates this is circa 1920's-1930's:

A Genuine Jacobs Oregon City

Pure Virgin Wool

Oregon City Woolen Mills

Oregon City, Ore

Founded in 1864 By J & R Jacobs

The tag also has an eagle (I believe) emblem with the word, Fearless , below it.

This blanket/throw measure 75 inches long. T is an additional 4 inches of fringe at each end making it 83 inches with the fringe. It is 59 inches wide. The red tartan type plaid also has the colors green, navy, white, black & gold. It is a superb design! It is quite heavy.

This blanket, as I mentioned earlier, is being sold as is. T are some moth holes. I tried to picture the worst! The largest hole is about 1/2 inch by 1/4 inch. The next largest is about 1/4 inch by 1/8 inch. T are also other moth holes that can be seen when the blanket is held up to the light. This is such a great, old blanket that it would
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