ANTIQUE JADE GREEN TALL candleabra candlestick holders

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THIS IS A NO RESERVE AUCTION !!! You are bidding on a pair of Antique Glass Candle sticks circa 1930-1940's. As you can see from the photo, these are absolutely STUNNING! I purchased these 12 years ago at an antique store in Northern California. Even 12 years ago, I paid over 4 times as much as I am listing these for. They are made of a gorgeous jade or "kelly green" frosted glass that is not clear or see-through as most glass pieces, but rather, translucent because the glass is frosted, as a result these candles sticks appear to practically glow from the inside out. They are also very tall, standing just over 10" high. This is an unusual, extremely beautiful pair of candle holders in this very rare green color.

The candlesticks are all one piece and are ideal for taper-type candles (the tall skinny ones.) I do not know much about their origin unfortunately, but my research has led me to believe that they are likely "Sandwich glass" which is highly collectable and can date as far back as early American history and sells for as much as $1500 a pair in some cases. Take advantage- These are a great buy! Please email me with questions and I will try to get back promptly!

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