Antique Japanese Buddhism Scroll Otake Dainichi Legend

Antique Japanese Buddhism Scroll Otake Dainichi Legend


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This piece measures 27 inches long and 9 inches wide including the pair of end caps at the bottom. The image itself measures 10.5 inches long and 5 inches wide.

The inscription on the piece reads "Otake Dainich-Nyorai Statue" and "Mt. Haguro Genrobo." Genrobo is the name of a temple lodging in Mt. Haguro in Yamagata Prefecture of Japan.

The Otake Dainichi-Nyorai engi (legend) emaki (scroll) is painted on three scrolls and in the possession of Kotakuji temple Shozenin, the headquarters and training center of the Haguro Shugendo sect. The set of three scrolls was made in 1840 as the exact replica of the original three scrolls that belonged to Genrobo. These scrolls explain the origin of the Otake Dainichi-do hall, a sanctuary within the temple's compound enshrining Otake Dainichi Buddha.

A Shugendo monk, Jyoren kept visiting Mt. Haguro, who always stayed at Genrobo, had always prayed and wished to meet a real Dainichi-Nyorai in his lifetime for years.
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