A beautiful RARE Japanese Antique Ojime of Carved Layered Lacquer. 16mmX18mm. Chocolate Brown with Raised design of Blacker Brown . The precision in detail soft colors...traditionally Japanese. The quality of a top grade glass artist. Soft, textured appearance of waves, divided trees and such overall.

Brass metal rings intact. Fracture lines at the Brass Rings, but no missing pieces. Very subtle. Good condition. An enhancement to your collection!

Netsuke were attached by a chord to the Ojime which loosened and tightened the chord above the compartmentalized Inro. The chord on which the Inro hung ran under the kimono Obi (belt) secured in place by the Netsuke positioned over its stiff fabric edge.. This acted as a secure device to prevent the Inro from detaching from its owner.)

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