Beautiful Antique Japanese Geisha Doll 1920s Taisho Period, Gofun Face, 25" Tall

Beautiful Antique Japanese Geisha Doll
From Taisho Period 1912-1926
25" Tall On Black Wooden Plinth.
Total Height is 26 Inches.
She is in the midst of a dance,one of the arts of a Geisha.
Geisha actually means artist and they learn many arts, including dance,
musicianship and the art of conversation.
Her lovely hand-painted face is made of molded cloth, covered in gofun,
which is powdered oyster shells.
The white on her face has darkened with her 90-some years of age.
Her delicate parasol is bamboo, covered in the finest silk, and it slips out of a
place in the cloth-wrapped fingers of her left hand.
It has suffered a bit with age.
The cloth-covered fingers on her right hand are partially hidden under her kimono.
Her hair is real, but probably yak hair, which grows long enough to make an excellent facsimile of human hair.
Real maiko and geisha suffer greatly for their hair; to achieve the styles they traditionally wear,
it has to be waxed, then combed painfully into shape, swept back from their faces.
The Geish's hair has a kougai (hairpin) and other kazanshi (hair ornaments),
like the traditional large comb in the center.
The hairpin and hair comb are probably celluloid, a product used in the 1920s period.
The kimono is layered
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