This is a BEAUTIFUL ANTIQUE EARLY 1900'S HAND-CARVED CHEST from Japan. The hand-carving is VERY beautiful & intricate, and covers whole chest. The chest is huge, approx. 40" long, 20" wide, & 23" tall, and does have a drawer inside. This chest was brought back from Japan by our Grand-farther, when he returned from War World II in the early 1940's. It could be from the 1700's, or 1800's. He purchased it in Japan, and it could be worth tens of thousands! ONCE APPRAISED AS +$10,000, very rare. The hand-carved artwork is VERY BEAUTIFUL, and the pictures do no show the GREAT QUALITY & DETAIL! T is a water stain on top, which can easily be fixed with new varnish. It is just a water stain, t is no wood damage. Antique restorer can fix easily, with no damage to chest. We did check. This chest is just simply beautiful, and an heirloom item. Also, t is a complex metal lock for the latch, but it is not pictured. BOTH the latch & lock also have hand-carved Japanese writing & symbols on them. Will ship item however winner wants it shipped, at buyer's cost, it's heavy, approx. 50lbs or so. You can also pick up locally. Also, anybody that wants to do a buy-it-now, we will consider offers. THANKS!!!