An Rare Important & Spectacular Japanese Antique EDO Period, 1600- 1868 , , very High Quality Samurai Sword Signed, `` KANENORI `` . Kanenori 1661 was a katana kaji of Echigo province now known as Niigata prefecture & was a Leading well documented Swordsmith of the GANMAKU Sword making school that produced ***** Good Quality Blades in the Soshu-den & Mino Tradition . Little was known about this Sword school until recently much like Yamashiro Blades that have now skyrocketed in price & are very sought after . This schools Sword makers have kept alive the older very desired sword making Traditions that produced the best quality Samurai Swords from the height of Samurai warfare in the Muomachi Period . This Blade is of the Older Traditional Muromachi Period, 1392 - 1573, or early Momoyama Period style . Sayagaki Reads KANENORI & its all very well written on a New High quality Shirasaya . The blade is of exceptional quality & condtion is Excellent , Full New Japanese Polish , 24 Karat Solid GOLD Heavy Weight over , 1.5 ounce very ornate Habaki . Fine quality old Nishiki silk Brocade storage Bag with silk bindings . Blade Lenght 545 mm : Blade Width 33 mm : Blade thickness 7 mm ; Cutting Edge 420 mm : O`Kissaki 75 mm : Sori 15 mm : Nakago is Ubu & Funagata Masamune school style : Wazamono Ranked sharpness. ... read more