antique Javanese keris, great pamor, Traditional

very old, Keris from Java, Indonesia

excellent conditon

The beautiful and unusual pamor, when cleaned, will be exceptional.

This is from a personal collection I managed to buy from an antiques dealers widow in Solo around 1978. The collection has been in storage for many, many years. I have not cleaned the item at all and there can be some surface rust which will easily disappear.

I have been a collector since I was a child and at my current age (77), I wish to sell my collection to people who will appreciate certain items. When the item says "make an offer", give it a try. Make a reasonable offer and you may be surprised. Most of the things I am selling were purchased many years ago and most have been in storage for scores of years. I don't clean or polish. It comes out of a box, I photograph and put it on Ebay. If it says FREE SHIPPING, it is probably because it will ship from my home in Europe so kindly be prepared to wait 2-3 weeks for delivery, even though I ship within 24 hours of receiving payment. Once I ship, it is in the hands of the postal authorities. I generally ship "registered mail". I have sold and shipped more than 800 items and have never lost one.

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