Antique I.S. JOHNSON'S American OPIUM Anodyne Liniment HAND BLOWN bottle

A 4 1/2" tall cylinder -shaped aqua-colored a ntique OPIUM based OPIATED LINIMENT quack medicine bottle. Bottle is embossed , labeled , corked BUT contents have been disposed of. This is a very early hand B lown I nto M old bottle ( BIM ) with a tooled top, dating it well OVER 100 YEARS OLD , more than ONE CENTURY OLD .

Bottle embossed : " JOHNSON'S / AMERICAN / ANODYNE / LINIMENT ", but you can only see " ANODYNE ", as the label covers all of the rest of the embossing.


Condition : This bottle is in EXCELLENT CONDITION. NO cracks, chips, dings, damage, etc. Label TOO is in very good condition (fully legible), one corner has stain, otherwise excellent. See picture for better idea of label's condition.

Age : An early hand-blown bottle (Blown-In-Mold = BIM) with a tooled-top, ca. early - 1900's.

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Bottle has a lot going for it. For one, i t is hard to find an original labeled OPIUM laced quack medicine bottle. What is even harder to find is one that is embossed and the embossing matches the information on the label, proving its authenticity. Unlike most liniments, that were meant to apply to the skin for penetration, this was for internal use, to be taken by the drop, in water. And in case you were wondering what 'ANODYNE' means, it is a medicine that relieves or allays pain. Yep, the Alcohol, Esther, and Opium , surely would of done all that , check it out!

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