Antique " juice- o- matic" by rival mfg co. 1940's


This is a vintage Juice-O-Mat Rival Single Action Juicer. It has a cream colored bottom with aluminum (chrome) top and handle. Some of the cream colored paint is worn away as clearly shown in the photos. Juicer is in excellent working condition. 8-1/4" tall overall. Bottom reads "SINGLE-ACTION", Juice-O-Mat. REG. U.S. PAT. OFFICE, CAT. NO. 462-C, U.S. PAT NO D15-D118640, OTHER PATENTS PENDING, RIVAL MFG. CO. KANSAS CITY MO. U.S.A.

Vitamin C was isolated in the 1940s and sparked a nationwide craze for health through orange juice. The expense (and hence status) of fresh-squeezed orange juice also contributed to a flood of deco-inspired juicers. is a pair of such items. The "Big Squeeze" shown on the left has a lot of leverage and does quite well on grapefruit. The "Juice-o- Mat" on the right seems to do a better job on oranges. Only the latter has manufacturer information.

is the information from the manufacturer's nameplate:

Single Action
Cat No 462-C
Pat D105335,2142975,D118640
Rival Mfg Co
Kansas City, Mo.

The "Juice-O-Mat" Was invented by Josph M. Majewski, Jr. of Kansas City, Missouri. He was employed by the Rival Manufacturing Company of that city, headed by Foster L. Taige. The design is pure 1930s -- Mr. Majewski applied for his patent
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