We have for your viewing and bidding pleasure an antique hand operated fruit press.On the front of the fruit press it has the original label.On the label it has JUICY FRUIT PRESS TINNED WITH PURE BLOCK TIN O. P. SCHRIVER CO. TRADE MARK REGISTERED.On the label it has leaves and vines with grapes and berries.On the piece that the cylinders set on in embossing it has PATENT PENDING NO. 3 MFD. BY THE O. P. SCHRIVER CO. CINCINNATI,O. with the number 210 stamped below the city.On the underside of the fruit press which sets on 3 raised feet it has the embossed number 209 with a stamped in P to the right of it.On the top of the handle which turns down the threaded corkscrew shaft which presses the fruit down in embossed wording it has JUICY-FRUIT PRESS 3 QUART.From the bottom of the feet to the very top of the shaft it is about 14".To the top of the tank it is 7 1/2" to 8".It is about 7" across.It appears to be useable.We are listing it at a no reserve selling price.So,thanks for looking and good luck bidding.