Antique Junghans Miniature Wall Regulator Clock 1911?

Up for sale is a rare miniature Junghans wall clock, the case is in good condition in line with the age of approximately 100 years.The case measures 30” tall from the very bottom to the tip of the top finial. It is 12.5” wide at the bottom shelf and 15” wide at the decorative top. It is just a shade under 8” deep. The 5 1/2" dial is signed with the Junghans Star and appears to be porcelain and is in good condition with sharp black numerials and markings. There are two small cracks, one just under the center of the dial at the hands and one near the VI. Two possible small water stains are also near the VI. The clockwork as well as the striking mechanism function perfectly. I have notes from clock servicer listing repairs and cleaning made in 2003 and 2008 and that it is a 104 ½ movement and a B11 code. I believe the B11 indicates this clock was made in the second half of 1911 but that is just what I have found on the net. I have not adjusted this clock since obtained in fine estate auction. When wound, and I didn’t wind fully, this clock will run for over 12 days so I don’t know if it is an 8 day or 14 day clock. With no adjustment it lost less that 5 minutes in the first seven days, I’m sure with pendulum adjustment accuracy will be greatly improved. The striking mechanism chimes perfectly on the hour and ½ hour. The only problems ... read more