This is a beautiful old lamp. It has taken us a week to get it ready to list. It was very dirty. We made two trips to the hardware store to buy special brushes that would clean around the harp. It is as clean as we are going to get it. The rest is up to you. It is made by the JUNO LAMP COMPANY. We do not know if the glass chimney is original or not but it does fit well on the lamp. We do not know if t was another globe that may have matched the glass bottom. It is marked on the filler cap: MADE IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. On the third picture in the scroll work above the ridge is marked: JUNO LAMP CO. I tried to get it in the pic. but could not. The brass font appears to be in very good condition with no holes and does have the original wick. It does have the original smoke bell. The pull down chain does pull down and does return back up but the spring is weak as it does not want to hold up the lamp, May be adjustable but not sure. If I was going to hang this lamp I would pin it so it would not move up or down. The flame spreader is marked with the JUNO logo and MADE IN THE U.S.A. The glass bottom is beautifully painted. It does have some specks but we cannot tell weather they are paint splatters or texture in the original paint. We did not try to scrape them off.

Due to the fragileness of this lamp. Insurance is required
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