Antique K D Lamp Co Road Flare No. 604 Traffic Lantern

A Nice Assortment of Collectibles & Things

This is latern, or road flare, belonged to my grandfather who hailed from Madison, Wisconsin. He collected items of interest, including this vintage lamp. This is a NO. 604 Road Flare, Manufactured by K.D. LAMP CO. - Cinncinnati, Ohio.

Mom and I don't know the date of manufacture but this is a battery operated unit. The information listed above is also stamped on the bottom battery cover. T is no battery, but the bottom battery cover also says Std. 6 volt. Also on the bottom battery cover it says Bulb - 502 Mazda or equal. T is no bulb and it uses a red plastic lens (not cracked) over the bulb. T are 6 red oval reflectors around the perimeter of the flare, one of which is cracked as you can see in the photos below. Along the edges of the reflectors it says "KD323" so I suspect that is the part number.

The condition is very good for a vintage piece. T is just a little corrosion in the chamber w the battery was once housed and on the bottom of the battery cover. The electrical connection area for the battery is still clean and in good shape. The switch moves back and forth and all pieces appear to be in working order.

This flare has sufficient character from years of wear, so please bid accordingly. We want you to have a good buying experience so we try to
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