Antique KERIS kris pusaka * Tilam Upih * 18th century

Keris pusaka Tilam Upih from Solo
with nice pamor.
This is a very nice and old straight keris from Solo (also known as Surakarta), Central Jawa. Solo is situated in the central of Java and is one the most important city for the keris, with the keraton and big history of keris.
The dapur (shape) of the keris is Tilam Upih
Special about this keris is that the keris has the power to stand (see the picture). This is a quite rare, and the keris must be totally in balance to stand like this.
The keris has a nice visible pamor on the blade and ganja (see detailed pictures). Special is the very nice, other on the ganja and some parts of the base of the keris. It seems to me that this keris has a dwi pamor (combination of 2 pamors), this is quite rare. The pamor is nice, but hard to get on a picture. Off course in real vision the pamor is more nice.
I'm not a pamor expert so please check this yourself (see the pictures). The pamor will be even more visable after cerminial cleaning the keris.
This keris is very old, probably made 18th century . The old wooden handle is "Nunggak Semi" and and typical from Solo. According to me the handle is less old then the keris itself, but this is quite common as the wood is less strong then the keris itself. As you can see the handle is matching well with the scabbard and
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