Antique Keystone Stereograph Slide Viewer View Master

Keystone Company View Master

Patented in 1904

Manufatured in

Meadville PA

This is a Rare find!

It is over 100 Years Old

And it is in near perfect condition.

It has 21 World War I Slides in a book like storage case.

The eye piece is trimmed in leather.

It also has a very pretty swirly engraving on the medal. With a round circle with a buck deer and the words Monarch.

T are absolutely no scratches or breaks in the lens. They are very clear.

The wood is intact and the slide holder are very sturdy.

T is a little wear on the bottom w the slides, slide back and forth.

The handle is still sturdy, and folds and unfolds smoothly.

The card holder is made of cardboard, covered in vinyl and looks like a book. It is old and has faded gold words on the spine that read " Stereograph Library" "World War" "Through Stereoscope". It opens by pulling out the back. The cover has a few loose threads and a tear on top which can be glued back down. But all of it is t No other tears. It is really nice.

The Slides are are all in great shape and can be viewed very clearly, they include

1. #23306 America 's Unkown Soldier Comes Home to His Native Soil (featured picture).

2. #V19266 Some Of Our Two Million Fighters
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